Samsung Galaxy Fold teaser video confirms Feb. 20 foldable phone launch

No surprise, but nice to know.

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We've suspected for a while that Samsung would officially announce its foldable phone, rumored to be called the "Galaxy Fold" (previously thought to be "Galaxy X"), at its pre-Mobile World Congress Unpacked event on Feb. 20, along with the Galaxy S10 line and a lot more

A teaser video posted on Monday by the company confirms that we'll see its bendy new flagship that day.

A variation on its original S10 marketing teaser, the new video posted on the official Samsung YouTube channel bears the tag line "The Future Unfolds" in both Korean and English. It shows text sliding around curves as if it were a folded screen, with the Feb. 20 date, and incorporating the older S10 teaser which hinted at it.

While Samsung's is the highest profile model, we'll be seeing quite a few foldable -- and 5G -- phones at MWC later this month. The Barcelona show will kick off a year of foldable phones.

Samsung's foldable phone is here, with brand-new One UI for Android

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Originally published Feb. 11.
Update Feb. 20: Changed a few links to more current stories and amended the name to "Galaxy Fold."