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Samsung Galaxy stops bullet during fight, report says

A report from China suggests two men get into a confrontation. One has a knife, the other a gun. A Samsung Galaxy Mega saves the day.

A pocket protector CNET

I'd like to save quite a few commenters the trouble of adding their own "joke."

So here goes: If he'd had an iPhone 5, he'd be dead.

Now, back to the story. It is said that a man dropped his wallet in a sandwich shop in Xinjiang, China. Another man picked it up for him and joked that he'd buy himself a drink with the first man's cash.

Oddly, this comment seems to have caused a disturbance. The disturbance resulted, at least as reported by Apple Daily in China, dutifully translated by Slashgear, in the second man pulling a knife (or, perhaps, even a sickle) and the first man pulling a gun.

Yes, we were suddenly in an Indiana Jones movie.

Self-control seems not to have prevailed. However, a Samsung Galaxy Mega did. For the second man reportedly put up an arm to block the bullet as the first man fired.

The bullet entered the man's arm and body, before encountering his shirt pocket. There lurked the Galaxy Mega and there, the pictures reveal, was the bullet hole in it.

The victim survived, the alleged shooter was arrested.

In CNET's review of the Galaxy Mega 6.3 , it was described as pretty much the only choice of a phablet for under $200. There was also this: "The phone's large size makes it unwieldy."

Sometimes, it seems, you need the unwieldy to protect yourself from the unhinged.