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The Galaxy S9 arrives in stores on March 16, says report

The Galaxy S9 may go up for preorders as early as Feb. 28.

The Galaxy S9 will be revealed on Feb. 25.


We know the Galaxy S9 will be unveiled on Feb. 25, but how long until you can actually hold one in your hand? Not too long, reports The Investor, which claims the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus will go on sale across the globe March 16.

But if waiting 19 days after the phone is announced seems unbearable, you may be able to get the phone early. Preorders for the Galaxy S9 may go live on Feb. 28 in Korea, according to the report. It also claims that people who preorder the Galaxy devices may receive it between March 9 and March 15, a few days before the phone lands in stores.

The report cites Korean telecom carriers, which apparently already have an official preorder and release schedule from Samsung. We couldn't independently verify this information with Samsung -- Samsung declined to comment on this story -- but as the Galaxy S9 unveil draws closer, concrete dates may have already been set in stone.

Last year the Galaxy S8 was first announced on March 29, but it wasn't until April 21 that it first went on sale in places like South Korea, Canada and the US. Other countries like Australia and the UK didn't get the S8 until April 28, while markets like Japan and South Africa didn't get the phone until June. While we don't know for sure when the Galaxy S9 is rolling out to each country, if the reported dates are true it could mean less waiting for some.

The Galaxy S9 will be unveiled the day before the international mobile tradeshow Mobile World Congress. Samsung's Galaxy S phones are the most popular Android devices out there, and the S9 could give other premium phones like Apple's iPhone X some stiff competition.

Be sure to stay tuned to CNET as we cover Mobile World Congress live and look out for official details on the Galaxy S9.

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