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Samsung Galaxy S8 launch: Watch CNET's aftershow LIVE NOW

Samsung is finally launching the Galaxy S8 phone. Watch our preshow, followed by the event as it unfolds in real time.


It's finally happening.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 was officially unveiled this morning in New York. For Samsung, the stakes are huge: After the Galaxy Note 7 battery fire fiasco, this was the company's chance to show off its comeback phone, and it pretty much has to be a home run.

The press conference just ended, but we've toggled back to our New York studio for a wrap-up from CNET's Iyaz Akhtar, Bridget Carey and Ben Fox Rubin.

You can also follow the earlier live Twitter from Jessica Dolcourt, Shara Tibken and Roger Cheng below.

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Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus: If the screen on the standard Galaxy S8 isn't big enough, step up to the ginormous 6.2-inch Plus version. (The phone is otherwise basically identical to its smaller sibling.)

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Samsung Gear VR with Controller: Already teased at last month's Mobile World Congress show in Barcelona, Samsung formally unveiled its updated Gear VR headset. In addition to adding compatibility to the new S8 phones, the new Gear VR includes a controller in the box. It'll be a free add-on for initial S8 preorders.

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Samsung Gear 360 (2017): Samsung has updated its VR capture camera, correcting most of the problems we had with the original.

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Samsung DeX Dock: Want to use your Galaxy S8 as a desktop computer? The DeX Dock, which lets you add a mouse, keyboard and monitor to the phone, lets you do exactly that.

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Samsung Connect Home: Need a new router for your expanding smart home? In addition to Wi-Fi, Samsung's Connect Home is also compatible with the company's Smart Things platform.

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This is a developing story. We'll add more links as our coverage continues.