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You may not want to rely on Galaxy S8's Face Unlock

Unlocking Samsung's new phone could be as easy as pulling up a photo of the handset's owner's.

Take a photo, it might unlock my Galaxy S8.
Josh Miller/CNET

Unlocking a phone with just your face sounds awesome. However, like devices that have come before for it, Samsung's Galaxy S8 might be easy to break into because of its Face Unlock feature.

The Galaxy S8 is seen being unlocked using just a photo, according to a video by blogger MarcianoTech (at the 1:09 mark) that claims to show a pre-release version of the phone.

Samsung has previously acknowledged that the Face Unlock feature is more for convenience than for security, and it cannot be used for mobile payments.

Back in 2011, Google admitted that the version of Face Unlock it debuted in Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich could also be fooled by a photo. But it isn't always bad news for facial recognition: The Windows Hello system reportedly is able to tell identical twins apart. Samsung did not immediately comment on the report.

The Galaxy S8, which releases on April 21, will have a 5.8-inch screen, runs Android 7.0 Nougat and costs $750 in the US, £689 in the UK or AU$1,199 in Australia. A bigger Plus model will have a 6.2-inch screen and cost a bit more at $850, £779 and AU$1,349. The Galaxy S8 phones will also serve as the debut device for Bixby, Samsung's voice assistant alternative to Apple's Siri and Amazon's Alexa.

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