Galaxy S8 leak: Is this Samsung's next big phone?

A leaked image of the Samsung Galaxy S8 supports rumors of a long, narrow body, curved screens and no home button.

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This could be the Samsung Galaxy S8.

Tweeted by Evan Blass

We've seen the blurry photos, read the rumors and pored over gorgeous concept designs. But a new leak gives us a more complete look of what could be the Samsung Galaxy S8 's full-body design.

Dealing with the aftermath of its disastrous Galaxy Note 7 recall caused Samsung to postpone the Galaxy S8's launch, which typically takes place at the annual Mobile World Congress show. Instead, the company used a press conference there to tease the upcoming S8.

When the phone does launch, it will compete with handsets unveiled at the conference, like the slim, narrow-bezeled LG G6 and the BlackBerry KeyOne, which has a physical keyboard. Samsung will need to convince potential Galaxy S8 buyers that the phone will be safe, unlike the fire-prone Note 7.

The image render (right), tweeted by frequent tech leaker Evan Blass, shows a design with extremely thin bezels and a long, narrow body. There's a curved screen and a tab on the right side. That's presumably for the Edge display, a feature seen in Samsung's previous curve-screen phones -- like the Note 7 and S7 Edge -- that provides various shortcuts to apps and contacts.

There are even more hints as to what might come. The phone's left side has a volume rocker and button below that likely represents the power/lock button, moved from its usual position on the right. Instead, there's another button over there that could belong to the rumored Samsung AI assistant, said to be called "Bixby."

Since this initial render appeared, BGR posted even more pics of what it purports are actual pictures of the Galaxy S8, not renders.

March 29, the S8's official launch date, is shown as the phone's date as well. One other important thing to point out something that isn't there -- a home button. That home button has been a mainstay since the first Galaxy S phone launched. Ditching it would be a radical design change (one we've been hearing about for some time).

Of course, none of this is a done deal, and we still have a full month for more rumors, image leaks and renders to surface. But with a March 29 launch date nailed down, it finally feels like we're in the home stretch.

Samsung did not respond to a request for comment.

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