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Surprise! Samsung might've just leaked the Galaxy S8 in this ad

A sneak peek? Samsung's new display ad showed off an unnamed phone, but is it the Samsung phone we've all been waiting for?

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Samsung recently released two different ads showing off its brand-new AMOLED displays. And while the displays are cool and all, the real star of the show is the mysterious smartphone that shows up in both ads. Its unique design leads us to believe that this is the Galaxy S8 we're all waiting to launch sometime this spring.

The next Galaxy S phone has been talked about for months, and the rumors have been stacking up. This would be Samsung's first phone since its fiery Note 7 disaster, which makes the device -- and its safety record -- even more important than any popularity it would whip up on its own.

We've seen potential Galaxy S8 renderings based on the rumors, and they look pretty close to what we're seeing in these ads. Of course, the phone in the display ads could just be a stand-in rendering or some other, non-Galaxy S8 prototype, but the fact that Samsung itself is the one releasing the images has our attention.

The phone in the ad matches a few of the S8 rumors we've heard, for example:

Also, the fact that the phone is being used to advertise Samsung's new AMOLED displays could mean that the technology will make its way into the Galaxy S8's screen. While we don't know if the AMOLED display will have 4K resolution or not, it gives us something to look forward to.

Samsung did not immediately respond to CNET's request for comment.

Stay tuned as we get more info on the Galaxy S8, and get closer to an official release, which could come as soon as the Mobile World Congress tech show next month.