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Galaxy S8 Active images leaked, show flat screen

While we await the arrival of the Galaxy Note 8, some photos and video of the ruggedized S8 Active are making the rounds on the internet.

Leaked images of the Galaxy S8 Active.


Samsung's much-anticipated Galaxy Note 8 isn't scheduled to be announced until August 23. But there is a bit of Galaxy news while we wait for that launch: Images and video of the rumored ruggedized Galaxy S8 Active were posted on Reddit, as first spotted by Android Police.

The idea behind the Active versions of Galaxy phones is that they're essentially built into an Otterbox-style case for added protection.

While we haven't yet confirmed whether the phone pictured is the real S8 Active, it's worth noting that this "leaked" device doesn't have the easier-to-crack curved screen of the standard Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus (a flat screen would help make it more durable). It's also a little thicker than the S8 and has the same 4,000mAh higher capacity battery found in the Galaxy S7 Active. That's 1,000mAh more than the S8 and 500mAh more than the S8 Plus.

Back in June we reported that the Galaxy S8 Active was mentioned in documents on Samsung's site and seemed to be nearing release. 

Samsung didn't immediately return our request for comment on the leaked images.