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Galaxy S8 could get a 3D camera, according to Vodafone slip-up

The British telecom company may have accidentally revealed the feature before the phone's unveiling.

Juan Garzón / CNET

We are less than 24 hours away from Samsung's Galaxy S8 reveal, but it seems like some have forgotten that details of the phone are still under wraps. An employee from UK company Vodafone may have accidentally spilled the beans on the S8's 3D camera, The Sun reports.

There have been a ton of Galaxy S8 leaks, but not many about the possibilities of a 3D camera. 3D cameras tend to work by using multiple images from different perspectives to create a sense of distance, in the same way your eyes work in tandem to give you depth perception.


Does dual front cameras on the GS8 mean you can take 3D selfies?


According to the report, the details were leaked when a British woman called Vodafone to inquire about a new phone. That's when the Vodafone employee reportedly leaked info about the upcoming Samsung device, telling the customer about a phone with a longer screen, no home button and a 3D camera. This description matches up pretty well with the numerous Galaxy S8 leaks we've seen.

The Galaxy S6 also had a 3D camera mode that let you take a GIF of an object's perimeter. It's unknown how the S8's 3D capabilities will differ specifically, but the report points to the presence of two front-facing cameras to create 3D images.

We've heard a few murmurs about dual cameras on the S8, including a Samsung tweet about its new Exynos chip supporting dual-camera phones. But until Samsung unveils the phone tomorrow, take the rumor with a grain of salt.

The Vodafone employee told the customer that she could expect something "very exciting" on April 1, according to the report, which could mean the phone may open up to preorders through Vodafone that day. If any UK Vodafone customers are reading this, you may want to mark April 1 on your calendars.

Samsung declined to comment.