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Galaxy S7 Edge gets a new coat of blue

How do you make an already gorgeous phone even better? For the Galaxy S7 Edge, Samsung added a new color: blue.

The Galaxy S7 Edge has a new look: it's blue!

Despite an ongoing recall for its Galaxy Note 7, Samsung still has at least one trick up its sleeve: a new color. It's releasing a light blue (known as "Blue Coral") version of its Galaxy S7 Edge in the US.

The Galaxy S7 Edge is one of our favorite phones this year -- we even named it an Editor's Choice. The phone is defined by a beautiful design and mesmerizing edge-to-edge curved display. If that isn't enough to make you like it, the long-lasting battery clocked in one of the best lab times (20 hours), and its camera is equipped with one of the fastest auto-focus systems around.

Other countries like Singapore and Taiwan will release the Blue Coral variant on November 7 (this announcement came complete with pictures of a mermaid holding the phone...don't ask us why). While a specific date hasn't been named for the US, a Samsung spokesperson said it will be released before the new year at major wireless providers.

Other than the color, the blue S7 Edge has the same specs as the original model. For a complete rundown of all the features, check out CNET's full Samsung Galaxy S7 review.


The Blue Coral S7 Edge will be available in the US by the end of the year.