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Samsung Galaxy S5 leaks suggest 2K display, fingerprint scanner

That's the word from the oft-correct @evleaks, who tweeted three updates on Wednesday about what to expect in the upcoming smartphone.

Samsung will be going with the Galaxy S5 branding for its next flagship handset, @evleaks revealed in a screenshot on Twitter on Wednesday.

The revelation was one of a few posted by the often-accurate @evleaks.

In addition to confirming that the follow-up to the Galaxy S4 will be the Galaxy S5 -- a rumor that has been debated to some degree -- @evleaks also says that the device will come with a 2K-resolution display and a fingerprint scanner, reflecting earlier rumors surrounding the device.

For its part, Samsung has not confirmed any features for its next flagship smartphone. However, @evleaks has been able to obtain images and other information in the past that have eventually been verified. So, while these latest claims cannot be confirmed, there's a good chance the features will be coming to the handset.

@evleaks draws the conclusions on the rumors from three screenshots: an image of a display showing "Galaxy S5." The other two images posted make mention of two APKs, or Android applications, named "FingerprintService" and 3DTourViewer_WQHD." The WQHD display is rumored to feature 2K resolution of 2,560 x 1,440.

Rumors have been swirling around the Galaxy S5 for months. It's believed that the handset could make an appearance at Mobile World Congress in February and launch in March or April.

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