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Samsung Galaxy S5 best deals and UK price comparison

Check out the best British deals for the hotly tipped new Samsung Galaxy S5 powerhouse.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 hits shop shelves on 11 April. Andrew Hoyle/CNET

The hotly tipped Samsung Galaxy S5 is finally on sale. The 5.1-inch smartphone will cost you a pretty penny -- but what price can you put on a fingerprint scanner, heart-rate monitor and cutting-edge Android 4.4 KitKat software?

About 500 quid plus whatever your contract costs, as it goes -- read on for the prices for the 16GB S5 from the major British networks and retailers.


EE's prices start at £37.99 per month for an EE Extra plan, with a £59.99 upfront cost. Sign up before 11 April and you get a total of 4GB.

Perks include a free cinema ticket each week and discounts on EE's broadband service.


O2's deals for the S5 start at £38 per month for unlimited calls and texts with 2GB of 4G data. That costs £70 up front. If you pay £48 or more each month you'll get the phone for free.


Three's deals start at the same prices as O2: £38 per month and just £30 up-front for the phone. Over two years you can choose unlimited calls -- with 2GB of data -- or unlimited data -- with 600 minutes of calls -- for £38.

The good news is that Three doesn't have separate 4G deals, so you can simply connect your S5 to Three's 4G network as soon as you sign up.

Virgin Media

Virgin Media offers the S5 for £100, £70 or £30 up front. Pay more up front and you pay less each month. Bite the bullet and pay the higher price off the bat and you'll save a few quid each month: the cheapest monthly deal when you pay £100 up front costs £39 each month. That only nets you a paltry 250MB of data, however.

2GB of data costs £47 per month, while unlimited data costs £51 per month.

If you are a Virgin Media customer for your broadband, TV or landline, the deals are the same but with a tenner knocked off each month -- so the cheapest monthly payment is £29, and so on.


On Vodafone the S5 is free from £37 on a Red 3G plan if you have a current Samsung Galaxy smartphone to trade in. 4G deals start at £47 per month, with a £19 up-front cost. On the plus side, Vodafone has bumped up data allowances from 3GB to 5GB even if you've already pre-ordered a different plan.

Extras include a free subscription to either Spotify Premium or Sky Sports Mobile TV, which has now been extended to last the full two year contract rather than just six months. The new data allowances and extras also apply to the HTC One M8 too.

Vodafone is the only network to sell the S5 clad in gold at the time of launch.

Phones 4U

Phones 4U will give you a free S5 if you then commit to paying an eye-watering £47 each month thereafter. The SIM-free price is £570. The first 35 people through the door in stores also get a free Galaxy Tab 3 tablet , while anyone signing up to a 4G contract also earns themselves £25 to spend at Google Play.

Carphone Warehouse

Deals at Carphone Warehouse include a free phone for £42 per month on a Vodafone contract. The SIM-free price is £580.

Keep checking back for more prices as we'll update this story when other networks reveal new deals.