Samsung Galaxy S4 won't get any more spin-offs

Samsung is winding down production of the Galaxy S3, while revealing there won't be any more spin-offs to the Galaxy S4.

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The sun is setting on the Samsung Galaxy S3. Samsung is winding down production of the popular Android phone, while revealing there won't be any more spin-offs to the Galaxy S4.

Samsung has just unveiled the camera-focused Galaxy S4 Zoom, stripped-down Galaxy S4 Mini, and waterproof Galaxy S4 Active. But there won't be any more S4 smart phone sequels to follow.

Or, as Samsung boss DJ Lee tells Trusted Reviews, "We can finally say the Galaxy S4 range is complete."

But the S4 isn't flying off the shelves at quite the rate Samsung expected. Industry-watcher ET News reports production of the S4 will be cut to 6.5 million phones in July, far fewer than last month.

It's all relative, though: 6.5 million is still an awful lot of phones to ship in a single month. And the S4 has done boffo business, playing a big role in Samsung's continued dominance of the mobile industry.

It's in no small part thanks to the S4's ancestors, including the S3 and its predecessors, that Samsung is now the biggest phone manufacturer in the world.

We discussed all the latest additions to the Galaxy family in our latest podcast:

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