Samsung Galaxy S4 tipped for March again, New York launch

An Internet tipster reckons the Galaxy S4 will arrive on 14 March. But is that way too soon?

Luke Westaway Senior editor
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Luke Westaway
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The hotly anticipated Samsung Galaxy S4 has been tipped once more to make its grand debut in March, with fresh rumours suggesting we may be less than a month away from seeing Samsung's next flagship.

First, frequent phone-leaker Eldar Murtazin tweeted advice to "save the date" for a big announcement on 14 March, also opining that the launch would take place in New York.

As an industry tipster, Murtazin has a mixed record, occasionally revealing sensational scoops, but last year tweeted a supposed snap of the Galaxy S3 that was nothing more than a dodgy Photoshop.

Secondly, the Verge reports that it has confirmed 14 March is "definitely" the date we'll clap eyes on the S4, claiming to have confirmed the date with "sources familiar with Samsung's plans". 

The date is one day earlier than the last rumoured launch date for the Galaxy S4, which was 15 March. A "trusted insider" was cited at the time, claiming that Samsung would be revealing its new, mysterious mobile at a bespoke event, rather than a trade show.

Too soon?

If the Galaxy S4 is shown off on 14 March, that would mean it arriving a month earlier into the calendar year than the Galaxy S3, which was unveiled on 3 May.

Assuming Samsung puts the same amount of time between announcement and sale as it did last year, that would mean the Galaxy S3 had been on sale for less than a year before being replaced by a newer model.

That's not much time, and with the Galaxy S3 making Samsung big piles of cash, I suspect the South Korean firm will want to keep its new smart phone on sale for as long as possible before introducing a successor.

Then again, Samsung could be aggressively trying to get as much of a head start on Apple as possible, giving the S4 more time to win over shoppers before the next iPhone is revealed, likely in the autumn.

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