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Samsung Galaxy S4 tipped for 15 March debut, April launch

The follow-up to the Galaxy S3 could be a little over a month away, fresh reports suggest.

Samsung Galaxy S4 rumours are swirling around us like pinwheeling ghouls, with the latest spurious spectral speculation suggesting a 15 March debut for Samsung's next major mobile.

Citing a 'trusted insider', SamMobile claims the Galaxy S4 will see the light bang in the middle of March, likely at a bespoke Samsung event. Invites to the Samsung Spring Smart Phone Cotillion (at least that's what it should be called) are tipped to be sent out as soon as Mobile World Congress is concluded in early March.

The location of the S4 shindig is still secret, though the site says the follow-up to the iPhone-bothering Galaxy S3 will be going on sale weeks later, in early April.

Eastern Europe is pegged to get the first taste of Samsung's secret smart phone, though the rest of Europe and Asia will reportedly get their mitts on it before the end of April. The rest of the world will be left twiddling its thumbs until May or June, it's said.

Nothing official is known about the S4, but unless Samsung has developed a sudden allergy to making money, you can bet your braces the South Korean tech giant will be revealing its new flagship phone in the first half of 2013.

A 15 March debut would see the S4 arriving over a month earlier than the S3, which enjoyed a gala reception on 3 May 2012.

Is a mid-March debut likely, then? Releasing the S4 when the S3 has been on sale for less than a year feels premature, but it's very possible that Samsung wants an extra month's head-start on Apple, which will likely release a new iPhone in the autumn, and is rumoured to be building a cheaper mobile to go on sale this year.

Are you holding out for Samsung's next phone? Or would you rather see what Apple, Nokia and HTC have up their sleeves before throwing down this year's phone budget? Let me know in the comments or on our Facebook wall.