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Samsung Galaxy S4 sparks rush to ditch HTC, BlackBerry

The Samsung Galaxy S4 has sparked a rush to trade in current smart phones, particularly HTC and BlackBerry phones.

The coming of the Samsung Galaxy S4 has sparked a rush to trade in current smart phones -- with phone fans particularly keen to ditch their HTC and BlackBerry phones., which checks various trade-in and recycling sites, reports that the number of people selling on their existing phone went up by a third in the days after the S4 announcement.

The amount of money you can get for your current phone is at its highest when there's no successor on the horizon, but once a new phone is announced the value starts to fall -- hence, savvy phone fans looking to sell their phones now even though the S4 doesn't hit shops until 26 April. 

Judging by these numbers, it seems current HTC owners are most tempted by the S4, as trade-ins of HTC phones shot up by 82 per cent. Meanwhile BlackBerry trade-ins went up by 56 per cent.

Trade-ins of current Samsung phones went up by 21 per cent, but trade-ins of iPhones barely changed. By comparison, iPhone trade-ins went up 61 per cent after the iPhone 5 was announced. The iPhone is also listed as the phone that holds its value best over time, which is also true even for older generations of Apple phones.

Other phone recycling sites include Mazuma Mobile, Envirophone and CeX. Your network will probably take your current phone off your hands too. 

The S4 seems to have had the biggest impact of this year's wave of new high-end phones such as the HTC OneSony Xperia Z, and BlackBerry Z10, despite disappointing phone fans with its incremental changes over the current Samsung Galaxy S3.

Has the S4 prompted you to want your ditch your current phone? Which of this year's new phones have you most excited? Tell me your thoughts in the comments or on our Facebook page.