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Samsung Galaxy S4 second teaser video lands, watch it here

A new teaser video for the hotly tipped Samsung Galaxy S4 has arrived -- click here to watch it now! Warning: contains obnoxious child.

Squee-bloop wheee-eee! Parp the Samsung Galaxy 4 teaser bagpipes, because there's a new official video heralding the coming of the year's most eagerly awaited new smart phone.

Continuing on from the first teaser, there's no sign of the phone itself, as a moppet bafflingly chosen to see the phone first attempts to hide it from prying eyes.

In the first episode, mop-topped Richie Rich-type rich kid Jeremy Maxwell was inexplicably handed the S4, peeking into a box that glowed with an eerie light.

Heading home, Jezzer encounters a curious ladychild and hides in his room for a closer look at the new device. "It's my favourite colour... it's unreal. Totally amazing!" coos the precocious phone-fondler. Are the Oreos a clue that the phone will come in black and white, as rumoured? Click play to see if you can spot any more clues:

Seriously, who is this supposed to appeal to? We've been dubious about Samsung ads for a while now, and in this case the phone -- set to be a quad-core, high-definition powerhouse -- should be allowed to speak for itself.

Anyway, the Galaxy S4 is unveiled this Thursday night in New York. Keep it CNET for the first news, previews and videos!

Are you excited about the S4? Are you keen to follow our wealthy whippersnapper's adventures, or has Samsung messed up the advertising? Tell me your thoughts in the comments or on our Facebook page.

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