Samsung Galaxy S4 on Virgin Media prices confirmed

Virgin Media customers get Samsung's new phone at a discount, but there's no way to get the S4 free up front.

Luke Westaway Senior editor
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Luke Westaway
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Virgin Media has disclosed how much you'll be paying to own the Samsung Galaxy S4 on its network, with the red-hued operator offering discounts for TV and broadband customers.

If you do subscribe to one of Branson's other services, you'll get a £5 discount on the Galaxy S4, with the cheapest tariff coming in at £31 per month.

That doesn't get you the phone for free however, and it has an accompanying one-off charge of £99. It nets you 200 minutes, 500 texts and a measly 500MB of data, which you'll quickly rattle through if you're into streaming video and Web browsing.

If you're not currently allied to Virgin Media's other services, you'll pay at least £36 per month with an up-front £99 charge. To get unlimited data you'll either need to pay £44 per month and £99 up front, or £46 per month with £69 up front. Virgin Media will be flogging the S4 from Saturday, which is a day later than other networks.

Before you throw down any cash, you'd be wise to compare Virgin Media's tariffs with those of other networks. We've rounded up the best deals here -- if data is a concern, you may want to investigate Three, which does unlimited data for £35 per month over two years, and gives you the phone for free.

Another option is O2's recently revealed Refresh tariff, which sees you paying a cut-down price for your minutes, texts and data, and a second chunk of monthly change for the phone itself. The advantage with this tariff is that you can pay off the remaining balance on the phone whenever you want, which gets you out of the contract completely.

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