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Samsung Galaxy S4 on EE and Three, networks confirm

Samsung's next flagship will also be landing on Orange and T-Mobile, while EE confirms the S4 be 4G-capable.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 isn't even announced yet, but already we know that Samsung's next flagship will be available on Three, EE, Orange and T-Mobile.

Ahead of the Galaxy S4's official debut tomorrow night, UK networks have revealed that they'll be stocking the next Galaxy smart phone, in a gun-jumping manoeuvre surely crafted to whet the appetite of British phone shoppers.

While no network has given anything away regarding specs, design or pricing concerning the Galaxy S4, Three has put up a register-your-interest page that bears the same Samsung teaser as recently-posted, er, posters.

EE has a similar page set up, which promises 'A Samsung Galaxy is coming soon'. As Orange and T-Mobile are part of EE, all three networks are confirmed to be getting the Galaxy S4.

EE will be selling the S4 on its 4G network, confirming that, as expected, Samsung's phone will feature all the hardware necessary for LTE data. For now, EE is still the only place where you can get 4G in the UK.

That won't be the case for long however, as other networks will shortly be rolling out their own LTE services. Three has promised that it will roll its own 4G goodness into its existing network, meaning you won't have to pay extra or move to a different tariff to get faster mobile data.

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As far as I can see, O2 and Vodafone are yet to promise the 'next Galaxy' on their own networks, but as UK operators will be champing at the bit to start flogging the much-anticipated mobile, you can bet your last button Samsung's upcoming smart phone will be available from those operators too.

A spate of recent rumours suggest the S4 will have a 5-inch display 1080p display and be powered by a Samsung own-brand octa-core processor. We'll know for sure by the end of tomorrow. Let me know what you'd like from the S4 in the comments, or on our Facebook wall.