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Samsung Galaxy S4 looks just like the S3, packs more power

The Samsung Galaxy S4 has all the monster specs and features you could hope for, although it looks just like the S3.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is here! The year's most hotly anticipated phone has been officially unveiled, with all the monster specs you could hope for and packed to the gunwhales with features. But is there enough revolution with the S4's evolution?

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At first glance, the S4 is identical to the smash hit Samsung Galaxy S3. Why mess with a winning formula, says Samsung, taking that Android smart phone and punching up the specs. The S4 boasts more processor power, extra battery oomph, and a more advanced camera -- all in a slimmer, lighter body.

It has a bigger 5-inch screen, ready and waiting for eye-popping high definition 1,080p movies and TV shows and videos. The camera shoots HD video too, as well as 13-megapixel snaps and animated gifs.

You can control the S4 without even touching it. Just hover a fingertip above the screen to preview videos, photos and webpages, or scroll with a wave of your hand.

The phone even takes its cues from your eyes, scrolling when you look at it or pausing video when you look away.

The S4 is such a behemoth, it deserves its own slick new look. The S3 is still a great phone but a new design would really have showcased the S4's improved specs. Sticking with a time-tested design for each new model is probably sensible from a market perspective, but it doesn't set our pulses racing.

What do you think of the S4? Is it a worthy successor to the S3? Can any other phone even come close to Samsung's Android powerhouse? Tell me your thoughts in the comments or on our Facebook page.