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Samsung Galaxy S4 in gold is a gilded iPhone 5S rival

Samsung has made two gold-coloured versions of its popular S4 smart phone.

Samsung's giving its Galaxy S4 smart phone a gilt trip, crafting two golden versions of its flagship phone.

The bullion-hued new models, which arrive just days after the launch of Apple's golden iPhone 5S, were revealed on the Facebook page of Samsung Gulf, the part of the company that handles the Middle East.

The two golden colours, which you can admire above, are called Gold Brown and Gold Pink. They look to be a bit brighter than the iPhone 5S' gold option, which is a less glossy, more subtle colouring.

The fact that they were revealed by Samsung Gulf could mean that we won't see either of these colour options in the UK. That said, Samsung is fond of gradually increasing the number of available colours of its smart phones, so fingers crossed we're offered the option before long.

While the gold S4 has appeared suspiciously soon after Apple's own aurous gadget, Samsung is no stranger to adding a splash of colour, and has a long history of experimenting with different hues. Who could forget, for instance, the resplendent pink Galaxy S2, or the bewitching red Galaxy S3?

Indeed, while Apple has usually stuck strictly to monochrome hues for its smart phones, Samsung blew our tiny minds when it revealed that the Galaxy S3 would come in white and blue by default, with no moody black version in sight -- at least at launch.

Are you a fan of colourful smart phones? Or is the whole tech industry getting a little too rowdy with the ol' paintbrush? And what do you think of the golden S4? Let me know your thoughts in the comments, or on our Facebook wall.

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