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Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Edition explained in video

We explain what Google's new raw-Android Galaxy S4 is all about, and ask how -- and why -- it was made.

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Google took us all by surprise when it boasted that it would shortly be selling a raw-Android version of the Samsung Galaxy S4. But what exactly is this new variant of the popular S4, and is it worth your time? Watch the video above to find out.

We're explaining how Google's version of the S4 is different from Samsung's standard offering, and pondering whether the changes make this new version of the S4 a better, or worse, mobile.

You'll also hear an industry expert's thoughts on why Samsung has let Google make a raw-Android version of its popular smart phone, effectively competing with itself.

Has Samsung lost its marbles? Can we expect more Googlified Android phones (like, say, the rumoured Nexus-esque HTC One) on sale before long?

Watch the video for a clue, and let me know whether you'd like to own the Google Edition Galaxy S4, or whether you're not fussed. As always, the comments or our Facebook wall are the places to have your say.