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Samsung Galaxy S4 gets hot pink respray for 2014

Sink the pink with the Samsung Galaxy S4, now available in a fetching hot pink hue.

Sink the pink with the Samsung Galaxy S4, which joins the Galaxy Note 3 decked out in a fetching hot pink hue.

You can pre-order the pink S4 now for delivery in early January. It's only available from Phones 4U for now and throughout the first month of the new year.

Pick up the pink phone for free on contracts across various networks from £33 per month, or from £38 for a 4G deal -- the latter of which also gets you a free wireless speaker worth £120.

The S4 comes in white, black, blue, brown, purple, and red in different countries around the world, with a gold version in the UAE, Kuwait, and Qatar.

The past couple of days have also seen rumours of a new black S4, but Samsung is keeping schtum on the subject. And it's not just the head of the S4 series that's had a respray, with the S4 Mini also going pink recently.

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