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Samsung Galaxy S4 fondled in China in apparent leak video

A no-holds-barred hands-on with the new flagship Galaxy phone has emerged -- and if this is the real thing, it looks absolutely ginormous.

Samsung is leakier than dear Henry's bucket this week -- a new video of its flagship Galaxy S4 has emerged, from the same people who brought you those Note-ish leaked photos yesterday, 52Samsung.

The video is a no-holds-barred hands-on with the new phone, which looks absolutely huge. There's metal-looking trim round the sides and a nondescript plastic back, with a pretty hefty bulge for the camera. It's the same phone we saw yesterday, which we thought looked rather too curvy to be the real deal.

The same caveat applies here then, especially as the phone seems to have two SIM-card slots. The version we see in the UK is highly unlikely to have that feature, but the case could be the same.

The video shows the purported S4 running an up to date version of Samsung's unfortunate TouchWiz user interface, which it's plopped on top of Android 4.2.1 Jelly Bean. The little logo you see when the phone turns on is that of a Chinese network, which I presume is the source of the leak. The voices you hear in the background are from an Apple ad -- lulz!

I'd be surprised if this is genuinely what the S4 we get in the UK actually looks like -- it's too thick, for one thing, and looks too similar to last year's S3 or Note 2. I know we're talking about 5-inch slabs here, but I'd expect Samsung to update its design more than that.

There's only two and a bit more days to wait until the New York launch and CNET will be there like wasps on Orangina, for all the in-depth coverage you need. We'll try to resist nicking Little Jeremy Maxwell's lunch money, but we can't promise he won't get a wedgie.

What do you think of this leak? Is it titillating your telephonic tastebuds? Or dousing your gadget ardour? Check in down in the comments, or over on our aluminium-bevelled Facebook page.

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