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Samsung Galaxy S4 Black Edition on sale now, but don't buy it yet

The new Black Edition of the Samsung Galaxy S4 is out now -- but at £500 with the S5 just round the corner, it's no bargain.

How much more black could the Samsung Galaxy S4 be? The answer is none. None more black. That's the new Black Edition of the S4 with the Galaxy Note 3's dark leather jacket on sale in the UK right now for £500 -- just in time for the Galaxy S5 to cast it into a black hole.

The Black Edition is on shelves now at Phones 4U SIM-free or with pay as you go deals for £500, or with a contract from Vodafone as an extra.

However Vodafone and O2 told this reporter today they won't sell the Black Edition themselves. I've asked other networks and retailers if they well offer the black-clad S4, but no-one's tripping over themselves to do so.

As befitting a Fonzie-style make-over, we think you should be cool rather than rushing out to buy the S4 Black Edition. It's hardly worth it at the full £500 price -- in a few weeks spending that same monkey will buy you the brand-new S5, at which point the S4 price will drop anyway. 

The Black Edition boasts an obsidian-hued case, with a fake leather-effect feel and fake stitching around the edges as first seen on the Note 3 phablet. It's a belated new look for the S4, the original design of which divides opinion: my head says plastic is tough and scratch-resistant, but my heart says the glossy casing doesn't match the phone's premium ambitions. 

Inside though the S4 Black Edition is the same S4, with a 5-inch screen, quad-core 1.7GHz processor and a 13-megapixel camera. 

Was the S4 the smart phone success Samsung wanted? Hit play on the video below to find out:

You can order the S5 on 28 March and it hits shops on 11 March.