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Samsung Galaxy S3 Premium Suite upgrade beams out today

The update brings a host of new features, ported over from the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, plus camera tweaks.

Samsung's bringing a host of new features to its hot-property Galaxy S3 smart phone, including some ported over from the Galaxy Note 2, and some intriguing camera tweaks.

The goodies will arrive in an update Samsung calls the Premium Suite, which begins rolling out in the UK today. If you're a Galaxy S3 owner, keep a weather eye on your mobile to see if the new software has landed yet.

Multi Window is one new feature, which sticks two different apps side by side for your viewing consideration, taking advantage of the Galaxy S3's mammoth 4.8-inch display. Think of that multi-channel TV that Marty McFly's son enjoys and you'll get the idea.

Elsewhere the Paper Artist app provides editing and effects tools for photos, while the slightly less exciting Group Cast is used to share documents or presentations with a bunch of friends, or colleagues you pretend to be friends with.

A software treat called Smart Rotation spins the phone's screen around depending on which angle you're viewing it from, which should make it easier to read websites while lying dormant on your side.

A 'best face' feature for the camera picks the cheeriest face for each person in your group shot from a burst of five continuous snaps, which in theory helps you get a good picture of all your pals. A low light mode is designed to make taking photos in dark areas a bit easier, too.

To take a look at what else Samsung has up its sleeves with this bumper app bundle, check out these painful promotional videos for the Premium Suite.

Samsung isn't always the snappiest when it comes to Android updates, but you can't argue with a slew of free new features. Here's hoping more of these bundles are in the pipeline, and coming to other Samsung smart phones too.

Have you tried the Premium Suite? Are you pleased with the new apps? Let me know in the comments, or on our Facebook wall.

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