Samsung Galaxy S3 on sale in black for Jelly Bean, Halloween

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is now available in spooky black in time for both Jelly Bean and Halloween.

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Black is the new black for the Samsung Galaxy S3. The smash hit Android smart phone is available in a spooky shade in time for both Jelly Bean and Halloween.

The black S3 is on sale now at online retailer Expansys for £410, although there aren't any in stock yet. Delivery is 'normally less than five days', and postage is free if you don't mind waiting a few days. We've asked Expansys and Samsung to nail down a date for the new phone and we'll keep you posted on what we hear.

The phenomenally popular S3 is currently available in blue, white and red. It's a quad-core behemoth of a smart phone, sporting a 4.8-inch high-definition screen and an 8-megapixel camera. And it just got even better with the arrival of the software update to Jelly Bean, the latest version of Google's Android software.

If the S3's epic screen is just more movie-watching, game-playing or web-browsing space than your eyeballs can handle, Samsung recently launched the cut-down 4-inch Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini, with slimmed-down specs and a more pocket-friendly size.

Since the iPhone reinvigorated the smart phone market, high-end phones have come in any colour as long as it's black, or if you're lucky, white. But now it seems colour is coming back: not only is the S3 available in an ever-widening selection of shades, but the new Windows Phone 8 line-up is fizzing with more colours than a bag of Skittles.

The new Nokia Lumia 920 and 820 are particularly colourful, cleverly matching the colouring of the case with the hue of the software -- and even making a hue and cry about drab phones in adverts.

Will you be picking up an eldritch S3? What's your favourite phone colour? Tell me your thoughts in the comments or on our Facebook page.