Samsung Galaxy S3 LTE gets 4G EE speed test in video

How fast is the UK's first 4G network? We put EE's new network to the test in this video.

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Luke Westaway
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Watch this: Samsung Galaxy S3 LTE 4G speed test

Everything Everywhere has a new network, which it will be using to beam the UK's first ever 4G service to you. It's called EE (no, really), and we've given it the speed-test treatment ahead of its official launch in a few weeks' time. Hit play on the video above to see how it performs.

We were using the Speed Test app for Android, running on a Galaxy S3 LTE, a revised version of the Samsung Galaxy S3 that can latch onto 4G signal.

The results were very impressive. As you can see in the video, EE's 4G network manages download speeds of 39.57Mbps, and upload speeds of 23.95Mbps. That's significantly faster than many home broadband connections.

I performed the test a few times, and while one clocked in a less-mind-blowing-but-still-impressive 26.43Mbps download speed, another managed to edge the 40-meg mark at 40.05Mbps.

Will it really be that fast?

Whether you'll achieve speeds that magnificent in ordinary situations remains to be seen. There are many factors that could affect your data speeds, from network strain -- too many phones in your neighbourhood -- to your physical location. Just as 3G can sometimes feel blisteringly quick and sometimes very sluggish, actual 4G speeds will likely vary massively.

And in fact, when we tested 4G and 3G side by side, loading a web page, 4G won the first time and 3G won the second. That's a very informal test, but it still hints that 4G may not make all that much difference in the real world.

Still, the high speeds achieved in our download test are a positive early sign. We'll be testing 4G in the wild as soon as possible, so stay tuned.

How do I get 4G?

Unfortunately, getting 4G in the UK isn't terribly simple. Until the spectrum auction next year, EE will be the only network to offer 4G. If you're on Orange or T-Mobile (the networks that comprise Everything Everywhere), you'll still need to switch to new network EE.

You'll also need a phone that can handle UK 4G. Samsung, HTC, Nokia and Huawei are all making mobiles that will work over here -- check out the list so far. Here's hoping the iPhone 5 also comes with Brit LTE chops.

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