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Samsung Galaxy S3 leaks and HTC vs Apple in Phone News video

Samsung Galaxy S3 rumours abound in this week's Phone News, while Microsoft plots to make use of your phone's rear.

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Samsung Galaxy S3 rumours abound in this week's Phone News, while Microsoft plots to make use of your phone's rear and waterproof Android hits the UK. Hit play on the video above for all the gadget goss from the last seven days.

With the official unveiling of the Galaxy S3 a mere week or so away, anticipation for Samsung's latest toy is reaching fever pitch. The South Korean tech giant is playing its part in whipping up enthusiasm by releasing a teaser video for its 'next Galaxy'.

The clip gives nothing away, but does find time to take a shot at Apple fans, with a not-so-subtle bleating sheep dig. I'm not sure making snide jabs at potential customers that you're trying to sway is the best tactic, but I'm keen to hear your thoughts -- stick 'em in the comments box below.

Meanwhile, HTC and Apple have locked horns in a UK courtroom. The maker of the One X thinks that Apple shouldn't be allowed to patent technology like multi-touch or unlock screens, because they're common sense and universally used.

Microsoft has plans to slap an additional screen on your smart phone's rear, with a patent for a low-power second display being made public. Nokia's got a similar concept -- is the boring back of your blower destined for a futuristic makeover?

Good news for the clumsy -- Panasonic's waterproof Eluga Android phone is now on sale in the UK, and a new Apple rumour suggests that the next iPhone will be slimmer and lighter than previous models, thanks to 'in-cell' touch tech. Finally, Samsung Galaxy S2 phones tied to T-Mobile have finally received the Ice Cream Sandwich update, limping over the line after Three, O2, Vodafone and Orange.

Seen some tasty morsels of phone news you fancy sharing? Have opinions that need venting? Let me know what's tickling your touchscreen in the comments below, or over on our Facebook wall.