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Samsung Galaxy S3 leaked 'photo' is super suspicious

A new 'leaked picture' of the Samsung Galaxy S3 could be the least convincing snap yet.

Another supposed snap of the much-anticipated Samsung Galaxy S3 has surfaced online, and this one could be the least credible yet.

Materialising on Polish blog OPDA.pl and spotted by BGR, the picture shows a blocky Samsung smart phone that looks a bit like the Samsung Galaxy S, perhaps crossed with the 5.3-inch Galaxy Note. The snap reportedly comes via someone who's testing Samsung's latest mobile.

It certainly looks like a Samsung device, but my sympathy with the snap doesn't last much longer than that. If you look at the blue line across the top of the app menu, you can see it's not running parallel with the top of the device's screen.

The home button looks a bit wobbly too, as if someone's stretched it out using Photoshop, and why are the icons blurred out?

Finally, the app menu screen shown in this image looks like vanilla Ice Cream Sandwich -- the raw version of Google's mobile operating system that's running on the Galaxy Nexus. The Galaxy S3 will certainly arrive running Samsung's own TouchWiz interface, which thus far has an app menu that looks like this: (that's the Galaxy Note).

It's not exactly in the picture's defence, but we have heard whispers that the Galaxy S3 will have a home button rather than replying solely on on-screen buttons, and the 720p display we're expecting would likely allow for a grid showing five icons horizontally.

Earlier leaked images of the S3 haven't proved much more convincing, and I've got serious doubts about this supposed launch invite.

The Galaxy S3 is coming soon, so we'll know the truth soon enough. Samsung's promised to show off its new phone in the first half of this year, which isn't really that long.

What do you think of the snap shown above? Real? Or a dodgy Photoshop job? Speculate in the comments, or over on our Facebook wall.

Image credit: OPDA.pl

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