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Samsung Galaxy S3 launch teased by Phones 4u?

Phones 4u has stuck a teaser for a Samsung product on one of its shops. But could it possibly be the Samsung Galaxy S3?

A Phones 4u branch in London's Oxford Street has plastered a massive teaser for a Samsung product all over the front of its shop, hyping a mystery gadget to be unveiled on Friday. Could it possibly be for the Galaxy S3?

The poster, sent into Eurodroid, portrays some tempting theatrical curtains with the Samsung logo concealed behind, and the promise of a big reveal on 30 March, which is in just four days' time.

What are the chances it's the Samsung Galaxy S3? Well, the S3 is certainly the biggest Samsung gadget on the horizon, and Phones 4u was the first independent UK retailer of the Galaxy Nexus when it launched last year.

On the other hand, that would be a staggeringly speedy launch on Samsung's behalf. We know the S3 will be unveiled in the first half of this year, because the company's confirmed that much already. But as we've had no hint of any launch event, I'd be very surprised if Samsung could get a brand new mobile into high-street shops by Friday.

It's possible then that this poster is teasing the launch event for the Galaxy S3, rather than the phone going on sale. There might not be much incentive for a high street shop to publicise the mere announcement of a new gadget, however.

One Eurodroid commenter observed that this launch could be for the Samsung Galaxy Beam, the quirky smart phone with a projector built in. The Beam is due out in the UK at some point after April, so perhaps this launch is in honour of that, or another Samsung gadget due to appear soon like the Galaxy Pocket or the Galaxy Note 10.1.

I've contacted Phones 4u about the teaser ad, and I'll let you know if we can dig any deeper into the mystery. Stay tuned.

Are you excited about the Galaxy S3? Or would you rather own the iPhone? Tell me in the comments below, or over on our Facebook wall.

Update: Pocket-Lint is reporting that the Phones 4u Samsung teaser is in fact for a refurbishment that will see a Samsung-specific section installed in the shop.

Image credit: Eurodroid