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Samsung Galaxy S3 invite examined by our experts and readers

What can we glean from Samsung's cryptic 'Galaxy' invite? Our crack team of experts get speculating.

Samsung's sent out invites to its 'next Galaxy' event on 3 May, nigh-on certain to be the official revealing of the Samsung Galaxy S3. But what can we glean from the cryptic splodgy graphic accompanying the invite? I asked our crack team of tech'sperts to have a guess level their immense intellects at decoding the invite.

CNET UK editor Jason Jenkins wouldn't be surprised if Samsung "pulls an Apple" and calls the Samsung Galaxy S3 something other than the S3. 'The new Galaxy', anyone?

"On the basis of the invite," Jason says, "it's going to be the Samsung Galaxy Pebble. Or Samsung Galaxy Stone. Or Samsung Galaxy Splodge. Or Samsung Galaxy Art Attack."

Design surprise?

Mobile phones editor Natasha, meanwhile, reckons Samsung is going to unleash a surprising design move. "There looks to be a clue in the graphic used -- but do the blobs signify paint or curves?" Natasha ponders.

"I'm going to go out on a limb and say the focus will be on design. Samsung has been accused by Apple of 'slavishly' copying its designs -- indeed, the pair are currently at war via the medium of lawyers.

"So if there is one area where the S2 maker needs to prove it can pull something original out of the bag it's in the look and feel department. So expect the S3 to have a unique design -- something Samsung can truly call its own."

Liquid lovely?

Intriguing. Andrew Hoyle meanwhile has something more outlandish in mind (I did tell him to "go crazy").

"I think the blobs on the invite tell us a lot; liquid, fluid, motion," Andrew ruminates, rubbing his chin. "I think a flexible OLED display is on its way, encased in a rubberised flexible chassis. You could hold it in your hand as normal, or you could wrap it around your wrist like a watch."

Weird, but LG is working on a flexible E-Ink display that could be out this month, and Nokia's got a concept bendy phone. "Ideally, I'd like to see the S3 come in liquid form that can be poured into shape and remoulded at will," Andrew continues, his eyes widening and rolling like a panicked horse. "Of course, I'm not entirely sure what would happen if you drank it..."

Chief sub-editor Nick Hide, meanwhile, reckons the blobs indicate you'll get Nectar points when you buy things on Google Play. Hey, it could happen!


I reckon those blobs are splodges of paint, signifying Samsung's relentless pursuit of a gadget perfect for creative types. And just like the Galaxy Note and Galaxy Note 10.1, that means it'll come with Samsung's S Pen stylus accessory.

Fingers crossed that's not the case -- the Note 10.1 doesn't even have a slot to store that stylus. And while Samsung's awfully proud of its screen-prodding pen, I'm yet to be convinced it's worth the bother of trying not to lose it.

Your views

We asked our 27,000-strong troop of Facebook fans what they reckoned the invite means. One reckons the blue and white blobs indicate the colours the S3 will come in, while another hypothesises it means the phone will be made from the same goopy stuff the T-1000 is made of.

A ceramic body? Smooth, rounded edges? Does the blue hint at Ice Cream Sandwich? Waterproof construction? Good guesses folks!

What do you think the invite means? Get guessing in the comments below, or over on our Facebook wall.