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Samsung Galaxy S3 beats iPhone 5 as best gadget of 2012

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is the best gadget of the year -- even better than the iPhone 5. Do you agree?

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is the best gadget of the year, even better than the iPhone 5 -- that's according to our American chums at CNET.com. Do you agree with their choice?

The editors of CNET.com locked themselves away for three days to decide the 100 biggest technology stories of the year, be they news stories or new products, as well as emerging trends that have defined 2012. But only one gadget can emerge victorious, and it's the S3.

The Google Nexus 7, Microsoft Surface and iPad mini make the list, as well as wackier gadgets including Google Glass, the Lytro camera and unmanned drones. The iPhone 5 comes in a close second, only let down by the Maps app debacle, but the S3 tops the list thanks to its gorgeous screen, great camera and brilliant Android software.

The first seven products in the list are all phones or tablets, showing the importance of mobile devices in the past 12 months. But the brilliant and bargainous Nexus 4 didn't even make the top 100, largely because it lacks 4G, which is a much bigger deal across the Atlantic.

And the top news story of the year? You'll have to click to find out, but you might be able to guess from the image above. Here's another hint: it involves Apple and Samsung again.

Is the S3 a worthy winner, or was the iPhone 5 the highlight of the year? What's your best gadget of 2012? Tell me your thoughts in the comments or on our Facebook page.