Samsung Galaxy S2 long-term test results revealed

We've had the Samsung Galaxy S2 in our sky rocket for a while, so we've decided to reward you with a monster of a review.

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We've had the Samsung Galaxy S2 in our sky rocket for a while, so we've decided to reward you with a monster of a review. With a software update and even a white version on the cards, everything you need to know about the phone is in our Samsung Galaxy S2 review, so take a look.

Samsung has now updated the software, so we decided to revisit our review and get really in-depth on the phone's features and faults. It's easy to see why the S2 earned itself a coveted CNET UK Editor's Choice Award.

In the words of our reviewer, the S2 is "astonishingly fast, with a gorgeous display, a good camera and all the power of the Android 2.3 Gingerbread operating system". And did we mention how thin and light it is? It's a "miracle of hardware engineering that's only made more stunning by the phone's insane lightness".

The screen is pretty brilliant too, but take a look at the review to find out why some people may not be blown away.

Of course, nobody's perfect. Not us, and not you -- although you're pretty darn close, if we may be so bold. The S2 has an Achilles heel or two that can render it "more of a chore than a treat".

The S2 runs Google's Android software, which means you can download apps and games to your heart's content. Android isn't without quirks -- Gmail is separate from your other email accounts, for example -- but Samsung has at least resisted the urge to slap its own interface on the top, and the phone's powerful hardware means the software feels slick.

We were less impressed with the built-in apps, especially those installed by Vodafone. Once you've read the review, let us know how your network stacks up against the model we reviewed.

Are you an S2 user? Would you recommend it? Have we missed anything? Pop us a comment below or on our Facebook page.