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Samsung Galaxy S2 in Ice Cream Sandwich shambles

It looks like the Samsung Galaxy S2 won't be getting updated to Ice Cream Sandwich tomorrow, as had been reported.

Yesterday S2 owners were delighted by news from Samsung that the Galaxy S2 would be getting its Ice Cream Sandwich update on Saturday 10 March. But now it looks as though the Korean tech giant has gone back on its word, claiming that the original post was wrong and leaving S2 owners in the dark.

A post on Samsung's official website -- that's since been deleted -- read, "Starting March 10, 2012, you may upgrade your Samsung Galaxy S2 to Android Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0) thru KIES 2.0," Engadget reported.

But a little over an hour ago, Samsung tweeted from its Samsung Electronics account that the 10 March date was a mistake.

The tweet was in Korean, but through the fog of Google translate I can discern that Samsung says the original 10 March post was incorrect.

Frustrating news for S2 owners who've been holding out for an upgrade to the latest version of Android, which brings features like Face Unlock, a revamped glowing-blue interface, and a slick new multi-tasking system.

A post on Samsung Israel's Facebook page last week claimed that the S2 would arrive on 15 March, though that post too has since been deleted.

Samsung UK, meanwhile, continues to tweet to those who ask that Ice Cream Sandwich will be available for selected Galaxy devices in the first quarter of this year (and has directed several folks to an Australian Football League news site, presumably by accident), which means it should be out by the end of March.

I wish Samsung's communication was more clear. Other manufacturers are proving equally sketchy when it comes to giving time estimates for updates, and I think that inconsistency is harming Android.

Are you desperate for a scoop of Ice Cream Sandwich, or are you satisfied by sweet, sweet Gingerbread for now? Tell me in the comments, or over on our Facebook wall.