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Samsung Galaxy S2 and S sales hit 50m, 7m Notes flogged

Sales of shiny Samsung gadgets are still strong, with the South Korean company shifting 50m Galaxy S and S2 mobiles.

Sales of shiny Samsung gadgets remain strong, with the Korean company shifting over 50 million Galaxy S and S2 mobiles to date, The Verge reports.

Samsung's also managed to flog a whopping 7 million Galaxy Notes so far. That's an increase of 2 million since the end of March, and is enough Notes to build a full-scale ancient Egyptian pyramid. Probably.

Samsung Galaxy S sales figures now stand at 24 million, while the monumentally popular Galaxy S2 has shifted 28 million units. That's 52 million blowers in total, an increase of 22 million since October last year, when Samsung claimed it had flogged 30 million Galaxy S and S2s in total.

These numbers likely represent the total units that Samsung itself has shipped out, rather than the number of phones humans have actually purchased -- there could be millions on warehouse and shop shelves -- but the sky-high figures are proof that when it comes to Android, Samsung is dominating.

The Galaxy Note has been a surprise hit, with many critics (myself included) not expecting the 5.3-inch stylus-sporting behemoth to prove particularly popular with shoppers. Its massive ad campaign has clearly struck a chord.

The Galaxy S3 is on sale now, so it'll be interesting to see if it can live up to the success of its predecessors. Early signs are positive, with Carphone Warehouse recently pegging the quad-core monster as the fastest-selling pre-order phone of the year. Troubling news of launch delays could mar its debut however.

It feels to me like the race for smart phone domination is now between Samsung and Apple, with all the other companies languishing far, far behind. Apple's gadgets are still performing frighteningly well -- it sold 37 million iPhones in the last 14 weeks of 2011.

Can Apple impress for a sixth time with its upcoming iPhone? Or is the Californian company's smart phone star on the wane? Let me know who you think will be on top this time next year in the comments or on our Facebook wall.