Samsung Galaxy S10 will reportedly come in 5G, Plus, budget versions

We also get more hints about its first foldable phone.

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We might have more details about Samsung's S10 and foldable plans. The Note 9 is pictured here.

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Samsung is reportedly following Apple's lead by developing a trio of Galaxy S10 models, and is looking to launch a 5G version in the US.

Samsung Unpacked:Samsung is expected to show off its foldable and 5G phones alongside the Galaxy flagship on Feb. 20.

The standard S10 is codenamed "Beyond," Bloomberg reported Friday, citing anonymous sources, and it's roughly the same size as this year's 5.8-inch S9 model. It'll have triple cameras on the back and a front camera under the screen -- details that fit with rumors we've heard in recent months.

Its OLED screen will apparently be curved on both sides, it has rounded corners, virtually no bezel at the top or bottom and have a fingerprint sensor under the display, according to Bloomberg.

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Samsung is planning on matching Apple's iPhone XS Max and budget XR models by releasing a larger "Plus" version and a cheaper one that won't have dual-curve edge screen or a fingerprint sensor, the report noted. It could also release one without a headphone jack.

The South Korean company is in talks with Verizon to launch the S10 in the US with a 5G-capable chipset, according to the report.

The report also reinforced a rumor that Samsung's foldable phone is codenamed "Winner," and suggested that the company has yet to choose between horizontal and vertical prototypes -- designers reckon the latter is easier to hold. This suggests that we won't see it in November, as we heard last month.

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It won't have a fingerprint sensor like the S10, but has an extra four-inch screen on the outside that'll let you check messages and emails without unfolding it, according to Bloomberg.

Samsung didn't immediately respond to a request for comment, while Verizon said in an email that it doesn't comment on speculation or rumors.

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Earlier this month, Samsung Mobile CEO D.J. Koh promised that the foldable device will be a tablet with multitasking capability that'll be "really meaningful to our customer."

The company is racing against Chinese rival Huawei , which may be aiming to launch its own foldable phone in November as it tries to snatch Samsung's place as the world's No. 1 smartphone seller.

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