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Samsung Galaxy S in white available, Super AMOLED Galaxy Tab snapped

Big Sam has been busy updating its hardware, pumping out a white Samsung Galaxy S and showing off the Galaxy Tab with a new Super AMOLED display.

There's a whole lotta Android love from Samsung this morning, with a white version of the Samsung Galaxy S smart phone available from the Carphone Warehouse, and the Samsung Galaxy Tab pictured with a brand-spanking new Super AMOLED screen.

The white Galaxy S is available for pre-order from Carphone. The Android 2.1 handset, which will be bumped to 2.2 with an update this month, is available free from £30 per month. The HTC Desire is another high-end Android phone available in white, with the Far Eastern companies sticking it a little to Apple -- it looks as though Cupertino will never release its white version of the iPhone 4.

We recently reported, meanwhile, that the Galaxy Tab's 7-inch display is cheaper to make and inferior to the one on the larger 9.7-inch iPad, but it looks as though Samsung has already made a move to solve this problem. It's fitted a new version of the Galaxy Tab with a 7-inch Super AMOLED display, and was showing it off at the FPD International show in Japan, according to

Super AMOLED is a major improvement on AMOLED screens on smart phones, with brighter colours, higher saturation and less reflectivity. The new Tab display keeps the same resolution, 1,024x600 pixels.

This upgrade will allow the second-gen Tab to compete with the iPad 2, which is expected next spring, and could well adopt the retina display of the iPhone 4 -- undoubtedly one of its most attractive features. It also wouldn't be a surprise to see a Super AMOLED screen on different sized versions of the Tab -- 5-inch and 10-inch models have been rumoured.

So Big Sam continues its big Android push. With the £179 Samsung Galaxy 551 Android 2.2 smart phone with Qwerty keyboard still to come this year, the company has firmly hitched its carriage to Google's mobile train.

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