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Samsung Galaxy S Android 2.2 is now hitting handsets, so start Kiesing

The Android 2.2 Froyo update has now started rolling out to Samsung Galaxy S, so take hold of your Kies and start connecting. We have step by step instructions.

It's finally here! If you've been hankering for your Samsung Galaxy S to enjoy a better class of Android loving, version 2.2 Froyo is rolling out now.

Samsung UK said in a tweet yesterday that Froyo had started rolling out, and everybody who wants the update should download the latest version of Kies, located in the support section of the Samsung website. There's both a PC and Mac version available.

First, make sure your Galaxy S is in Kies mode. Go to Applications, Settings, About Phone, USB settings, and from there select Kies. Plug the phone into your computer using a USB cable.

The device will appear on the top right of the Kies screen on your PC. If the update is available, it'll appear above the menu. Click on it, and a firmware notification will appear. Tick the box to back up your phonebook, and click upgrade. It'll ask you to save the backup file. Click the upgrade box, verify all of the information, and click next. Once the downloading has completed -- woo! -- you now have an Android 2.2 Samsung Galaxy S smart phone.

The screen of your phone may change -- it's nothing to worry about, and will automatically restart when completed. Do not disconnect the device until the start-up has finished. Here's a step by step video guide.

If you have an unlocked Galaxy S, the update may well be ready immediately. If you're on a network there might be a wait, as they'll fiddle around branding their own versions of Android 2.2 before pumping it out to your phone.

Samsung should have rolled out Android 2.2 to all phones by the end of November, so keep refreshing the Kies connection until then. Hopefully the networks will also keep us informed about when their version of the Galaxy S updates are ready to go.