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Samsung Galaxy Rush, Amp, and Helm are future phone names

Samsung has registered potential names for future phones: the Samsung Galaxy Rush, Galaxy Amp, and Galaxy Helm.

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Samsung has registered a trio of potential names for future Android phones: the Samsung Galaxy Rush, Galaxy Amp, and Galaxy Helm could be heading our way soon. Hey, at least they're more interesting names than Samsung Galaxy S3.

Samsung has registered the potential monikers with the US patent office, although that doesn't necessarily mean they'll ever be used. It's also worth noting that these could be names for phones that we won't see here in the UK, especially if they turn out to be phones with 4G.

I like the sound of Helm, which sounds kind of Thor-ish. It's good to hear Samsung looking at proper names, which are way more fun than the current trend for numbers and letters.

Numbers and letters have emerged as a naming trend with the likes of the HTC One X, One S and One V; and the Sony Xperia S, Xperia U and Xperia P. Samsung is guilty of boring and even confusing names too: like the Galaxy Tab 10.1 and, er, Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1.

Then of course there's the S2 and S3 -- and on the subject of names, don't get us started on 'new iPad'.

Rush, Amp and Helm are significantly better than Samsung Galaxy Metrix, Velvet, and Legend, a previous batch of names registered for potential phones. Other registered names include Galaxy Accelerate, Galaxy Thunder and Galaxy Express, as well as Galaxy Grand, Galaxy Premier and Galaxy Next. Blimey, Samsung, leave some words for the other guys!

It may have a Plain Jane name, but the S3 is the most hotly-anticipated phone of the year -- and it finally arrives this week. To see what all the fuss is about, press play on our brand spanking new video review below.

Watch this: Samsung Galaxy S3

What do you think of the names? Would you buy a Galaxy Rush, Galaxy Amp, or Galaxy Helm? Tell me your thoughts in the comments or on our Facebook page.