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Samsung Galaxy Note on sale 17 November in the UK

The 5-inch Samsung Galaxy Note goes on sale in the UK next month. The Note is Samsung's biggest ever smart phone, or smallest ever tablet.

Looking forward to the Samsung Galaxy Note? Then consider this your official Note notice: it's hitting UK shops on 17 November.

The dual-core Note is Samsung's oversized Android smart phone -- or, depending on your perspective, it's Samsung's undersized Android tablet.

The screen measures 5.3 inches across, making the Note about the size of a sachet of cup-a-soup. Seriously, that was the first thing that came to hand when we were trying to work it out. It's smaller than a paperback book, so it should fit into pockets easily, but you might still look a bit daft holding it up to your face for calls. Better invest in some hands-free headphones.

The advantage of that screen is that video, maps and Web pages will look glorious -- no poking about on a cramped phone screen for you, Note-taker!

Dell had a crack at the mid-sized, not-a-phone-not-yet-a-tablet idea with the Dell Streak. We liked the Streak itself but the software was lacking -- a creaky old version of Android that didn't take a advantage of the capacious screen -- so it'll be interesting to see if the Note takes off.

Samsung offers you any size screen you like: there's the 10-inch Galaxy Tab 10.1, almost 9-inch Tab 8.9, over 7-inch Tab 7.7, the 5-inch Note, and the pocketable phone-sized Galaxy S2. The Note is the only one to use a stylus, though.

The Note has 3G built-in so you'll be able to get it from phone networks as part of a contract, or buy it on its own. Samsung is yet to confirm the price -- how many notes would you part with for the Note? Leave us a note in the comments section below or on our Facebook page.