Samsung Galaxy Note inspires ZTE 5.9-inch Windows Phone

The Samsung Galaxy Note could be getting Windows Phone competition, as ZTE reveals a huge 5.9-inch device with a 1080p screen.

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Richard Trenholm
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The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 could be getting some Windows Phone competition: ZTE has revealed a possible 5.9-inch device with an enormous 1080p screen.

A ZTE boss posted the picture above on the Chinese site Weibo, spotted by WMPoweruser. Alongside the snap -- which shows the older Windows Phone logo -- he describes the screen as a full high-definition job, packing 1,080x1,920 pixels.

There's just one problem: Windows Phone doesn't support 1080p screens yet. It's only with Windows Phone 8, which arrived this month, that the software allows for high-definition screens -- and then only 720p. The new Nokia Lumia 920 and HTC 8X both sport 720p screens for watching movies and TV, playing games and browsing the Web.

If it does turn out to be real, the ZTE Windows (big) Phone could be one of the first rivals to the Note, and the first on Windows Phone. The new Windows interface of coloured square 'live tiles' is designed for touchscreens of all sizes so would scale well.

The Samsung Galaxy Note was the first oversized phone -- or is it an undersized tablet? Known in some circles as a phablet, the Note proved surprisingly popular among those who value a big screen over the ability to slide your phone into your skinny jeans.

Add high-definition detail to that voluminous screen and you get a device that's great for feasting your eyes on movies and TV and games in crisp detail, without having to cart around a full-size tablet. Plus, one of the coolest features on the Note 2 to take advantage of the larger display is a split-screen effect to show two apps side-by-side. 

Would you consider a Windows big Phone, or is the Note the only phablet of Note? Expand your thoughts in the comments or on our supersize Facebook page.