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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 cases already on sale

Samsung's next "big" phone is announced this week but a case manufacturer appears to have leaked new images and cases for the anticipated Galaxy Note 9.


Update, Aug. 9: The Galaxy Note 9 is now official, and we've gone hands-on. Original story follows.

We're still two days away from the presumed official announcement of Samsung's next phone, but it seems you can buy cases for it already.

Case manufacturer Olixar, as spotted by Sammobile, has made cases available for sale alongside images of what appears to be the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 on its site. There are plenty of leaks and rumors surrounding details of the phone, but this appears to be the first time you can pre-order accessories for it.

If genuine, the cases illustrate some of the features we can expect from Samsung's new flagship. For example, despite a recent trend for devices without headphone jacks the ExoShield Touch Snap-on case clearly shows a space for a headphone jack on the right and a pen on the left hand side (when viewed from the back), in what appears to be an identical arrangement to last year's phone.

Likewise the top front appears to have the same number of cameras and sensors as the old Note 8 if the Sentinel Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Case and Glass Screen Protector is any guide.

Representatives for Samsung did not immediately respond to CNET's request for comment.