Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Active rumored for November

A new report suggests Samsung is readying a rugged take on its latest plus-size smartphone.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 won't sell until tomorrow and already the latest rumor anticipates that a more rugged version of the phone-stylus combo will soon follow in its tracks.

The tougher Galaxy Note 5 Active would allegedly be equipped with a waterproof rating and a larger battery (4,100mAh over 3,000mAh), according to tech site Phone Arena, which also suggested that the 5.7-inch jumbo phone would arrive in early November, in time for the bustling holiday shopping season.

The rumor comes at a time when Samsung is introducing four similar high-end phones besides the Note 5: the Galaxy S6 , S6 Active , S6 Edge and S6 Edge+ . Meanwhile, the South Korean electronics giant is struggling to maintain its position even as lower-cost Android phone-makers like Xiaomi, OnePlus and Motorola continually chip away at Samsung's customer base.

The newly launched Galaxy Note 5 may receive a waterproof sibling. Sarah Tew/CNET

Tougher phone

Samsung has created three "Active" versions of its Galaxy S-series flagship smartphone, including the S4 Active, S5 Active, and Galaxy S6 Active . Key features in this line often include dustproof and water-resistant cases, as well as physical keys and buttons under the screen and on its side. Instead of slimness and even metal and glass, the Active family of phones purposely uses thicker, sturdier plastic to play up its toughness.

If one assumes the Note 5 is due for similar treatment, we might expect a plastic backing and thick corners, and perhaps even a thicker pen.

If the past is any indicator, AT&T will likely be the US wireless provider that nabs exclusive rights to the Galaxy Note 5 Active. This would be the first Note phone to receive the "Active" treatment.

Samsung did not immediately respond to a request for comment.