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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo packs six cores and 720p screen

Take note: the new Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo packs six cores and a high definition 720p screen.

We need cores -- lots of cores. Luckily, the new Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo has six of 'em.

The spin-off of the Note 3 phablet boasts a hexa-core processor. That's two 1.7GHz cores for hard work like graphically intensive gaming, and four 1.3GHz cores for more menial everyday tasks. The six cores are backed up by 2GB of RAM.

The Note 3 Neo boasts a 5.55-inch screen with a 1,280x720-pixel resolution. It's high definition, so movies will look crisp, but the 265 dot-per-inch pixel density is much lower than the iPhone's retina display and the Note 3's 386dpi.

Looks-wise, the Neo keeps the Note 3's faux-leather effect back and fake stitching, a definite step up from the Note 2's chap and nasty shiny plastic. Size-wise it's a centimetre or two smaller each way than the Note 3. Oh, and it runs Android 4.3 Jelly Bean.

The new phablet was announced by Samsung in Poland, but as yet there are no details of UK price or release date. 

We're expecting to clap eyes on the Note 3 Neo in less than a month at mobile phone and tablet extravaganza Mobile World Congress. Also set to be revealed at the show is the hotly-tipped Samsung Galaxy S5 -- we'll be there in force to bring you the news, previews and hands-on first impressions of all the coolest new kit.

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