Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Lite set for 720p screen, leak shows

The rumoured 'Lite' version of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 will sport a 720p screen, according to a leak in Samsung's code.

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Richard Trenholm
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As we polish off the last of the Quality Street and stretch out the leftovers to one final turkey sandwich, our thoughts inevitably turn to slimming down a bit. Samsung is making the same new year's resolution with the rumoured 'Lite' version of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 -- which will apparently sport a 720p screen.

A device called the SM-N750 has appeared in Samsung's user agent profile. That's reported to be the model number of the rumoured Note Lite without LTE. In among the specs is mention of a 720p screen.

The current Note 3 boasts a Full HD 1,920x1,080-pixel screen, powered by a 2.3GHz quad-core processor and generous 3GB of RAM.

The rumoured Galaxy Note 3 Lite is set to be unveiled with a set of slimmed-down specs to bring down the price and offer a cheaper alternative to the full-fat Note 3. Previous reports have hinted at a 5.7-inch and a slightly smaller 5.49-inch version.

Samsung is reported to have a number of new tablets in the pipeline, including a Lite version of the Galaxy Tab 3 and a mighty 12.2-inch Samsung Galaxy Note Pro.

Next week sees the technology industry descend on sunny Las Vegas for CES, followed in February by MWC: both are technology trade shows that traditionally see the new year's new gadgets unveiled for the first time. The rumoured Note Lite could make an appearance at either event, but my money's on the more mobile-focused MWC in Barcelona. Either way, CNET will be at both shows bringing you the first news, previews and hands-on first impressions.

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