Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and smart watch due September

Samsung is set to reveal the Samsung Gear smart watch at the same time in September as the Galaxy Note 3.

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Samsung is set to reveal the Samsung Gear smart watch at the same time in September as the Galaxy Note 3 -- beating both Apple's iWatch and the new iPhone too.

Samsung could be so close to launching the hotly-tipped wrist-worn smart device, it'll beat not just Apple's rumoured smart watch but could even nip in ahead of the next iPhone, expected to be both an iPhone 5S and a cheaper, plastic version.

Samsung has unveiled each generation of Note phablet in September, at annual technology trade show IFA in Berlin. We're expecting that to continue with the Note 3 this year, with Patently Apple reporting the Samsung smart watch will arrive at the same time. The small screen of the watch will run a modified version of Android as the watch talks to the Galaxy phone in your pocket, giving you notifications so you don't have to fetch your phone from your pocket all the time.

The buzz around smart watches is mostly driven by rumours that Apple will launch such a device. But the latest whispers suggest the so-called iWatch isn't set to arrive until late 2014, giving rivals a massive head start. Heck, they've been making them for years: the latest is the Sony Smartwatch 2, announced just last month. 

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We've already got our flights booked and our pencils sharpened for IFA, so keep it CNET for the first news, previews, videos and more of the new Note -- and the rest of the smart watches, tablets and much more to be revealed in Spetmeber.

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