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Samsung Galaxy Muse takes on the iPod Shuffle

The tiny and stylish MP3 player does for Samsung what the iPod Shuffle does for iOS.

The Galaxy Muse is definitely more portable than that 5.5-inch smartphone.

Samsung's latest Galaxy announcement, the pebblelike Galaxy Muse, is a stylish $50 media player that attempts to divert some of the iPod zeitgeist to Samsung's flagship phones.

Plug it into the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and the Galaxy S3, and the Galaxy Muse syncs with the smartphone, so you can access just your music without bringing the entire phone with you on a jog.

Available in the familiar Pebble Blue and Marble White options, the Galaxy Muse offers 4GB of storage and delivers up to 6 hours of music playback. While it might be easy to dismiss it as just another MP3 player, Samsung's device is enhanced by a dedicated Android application -- Muse Sync Android -- that lets you sync music without the aid of a PC. The Galaxy Muse connects to either the GS3 or the Note 2 through a USB-to-3.5mm headset jack.

Thanks to a tiny, smooth form factor, the Galaxy Muse clips onto a pocket or shirt sleeve for music on the go. Much like your standard media device, the Samsung player offers playback control such as shuffle, skip, and going back.

You'll find the Galaxy Muse on Samsung.com; the Android app is available in Google Play and Samsung Apps.