Samsung Galaxy mini budget Android phone keeps it short

If you prefer your smart phones on the small side, check out the Samsung Galaxy mini, a budget Android phone that should sport a mini price.

Flora Graham

The Samsung Galaxy mini promises to be a teeny phone at a tiny price -- but still sporting plenty of Android smart-phone perks.

The mini is a mere 110mm tall, 60mm wide and 12mm thick, and manages to fit in a 3.1-inch display. With only 320x240-pixel resolution, the screen will be as sharp as a blob of custard, but it'll help keep this phone affordable.

The mini's processor is another cut corner, clocking in at a sluggish 600MHz, which could affect the phone's ability to play Flash video in the browser. Still, at least the mini supports that feature, thanks to its Android 2.2 Froyo operating system.

Apps and games are plentiful in the Android Market app store, and Samsung has pre-loaded the mini with a couple of handy ones. Quick Office lets you edit Office docs on the go, while the optional Swype keyboard should make texting easier on the tiny touchscreen.

The mini has the connectivity to go up against any smart phone, with 7.2Mbps for fast downloads over 3G, and Wi-Fi to help keep your data charges in check. 

It also sports a 3-megapixel camera and you can pack in up to a 32GB memory card to store your songs and photos. 

We're still waiting to hear how much the mini will cost, but we expect it to have a mini price-tag. And we won't have to wait long, because the mini is due in shops in March.