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Samsung Galaxy Metrix, Velvet, Legend named as future phones

Samsung could name future phones the Galaxy Metrix, Velvet and Legend after 80s video games, toilet roll, and the HTC Legend.

Samsung has bagsied a bunch of new names for future phones. Forthcoming phones and tablets could be named the Samsung Galaxy Metrix, Galaxy Velvet or Galaxy Legend.

So Samsung wants to name its new phones after what sounds like an 80s video game, a toilet roll and the HTC Legend? Brilliant!

Samsung has filed for trademark protection for the three names in the US, Pocketnow reports. That doesn't necessarily mean the names will be attached to Galaxy phones or tablets, however -- especially, we'd imagine, if HTC has anything to say about the Legend moniker.

So far this year, Samsung has called dibs on a bunch of potential names for upcoming phones and tablets. Possible names include the Galaxy Grand, Galaxy Premier and Galaxy Next, which all have a certain timeless prestige. Another batch of trademarks includes the Galaxy Accelerate, Galaxy Thunder and Galaxy Express, which sound like more mid-80s Nintendo games.

The names could be reserved as alternative titles for particular phones on different phone networks. Or with rumours that the fabled Galaxy S3 may not even be called that, could one of these names apply to the S2 sequel? 

The new names are certainly more exciting than some of Samsung's existing product names. The Korean company makes some of the best Android phones and tablets going, but saddles them with names like Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and, er, Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1.

In the meantime, here's our buying guide to Samsung's excellent Android phones. And press play below for a look at the fascinating history of the Korean giant:

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